June 23, 2015
Miss Heritage delegates to ‘parlay palang in Vincy twang’

The theme of the Scotiabank National Secondary Schools’ Miss Heritage Pageant 2015 is: “Our Colloquial Legacy – Parlay Palang in Vincy Twang.”

A release from the organizers said that the nine chosen delegates will make Ambassadorial and Cultural Wear presentations based on this theme, which focuses on the idiomatic sayings of our forefathers.{{more}}

These local ‘sayings’, which were often times employed by our forefathers, were used as a means of issuing warnings, imparting knowledge or emphasizing valuable life lessons.

According to the release, the Miss Heritage Organization has this year decided to bring these ‘sayings’ to life through their delegates.

At the preliminaries held on June 6, each girl selected the colloquial saying which they will creatively enliven on the night of the National Secondary Schools’ Miss Heritage Pageant 2015.

Bequia Community High School: Miss Jakida Ollivierre: “Goat head can’t go pon wedding table.”

Bishop’s College Kingstown: Miss Gabricia Yorke: “Fowl who nah hear shew, go hear boop.”

Central Leeward Secondary School: Miss Ulrica Gaymes: “Wey horse reach, donkey go reach.”

Dr JP Eustace Memorial Secondary School: Miss Azinza Browne: “Run from the jumbie and butt up on the coffin.”

Intermediate High School: Miss Terrece John: “See with yo eyes, but keep yo tongue between yo teeth.”

St Clair Dacon Secondary School: Miss Julia Lewis: “Nah every skin teeth is a laugh.”

St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown: Miss Rondine Browne: “Wey you catch yo cold, go blow your nose.”

St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua: Miss Jo-Anne Andrews: “Scornful dog go eat dutty pudding.”

St Vincent Girls’ High School: Miss Keneshia Llewellyn: “Don’t heng you hat wey you hand cyar reach.”