June 19, 2015
KPS student is 2nd for boys, 7th overall

For Danielson Ferguson, this week has surely been his best week ever, as he not only placed in the top 10 at the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) examinations, but was also selected valedictorian of his graduating class, and scooped five awards at the graduation ceremony!

A youngster of few words, the 11-year-old said that he was “very happy and satisfied” that all his hard work had paid off.{{more}}

Danielson placed second for boys and seventh overall — achieving 94 per cent in Mathematics and 90 per cent in English Language and Science.

To prepare for his exams, he said that he studied hard — including after-school classes and completing past papers — and he “believed in himself.”

His advice for students taking the exams next year?

“Don’t be anxious or get scared. Always believe in yourself!”

Danielson said that he is excited about attending the St Vincent Grammar School in September, not only because he will get to “be with all the top students,” but also because his older brother attends the school.

With his favourite subjects being Mathematics and Science, Danielson said that although he doesn’t have a specific career field in mind, he is aiming for it to be within the Sciences.

Referring to Science, he said: “It is very interesting! Everything in life is Science.”

In his spare time, Danielson enjoys playing with his friends, and looking at chat shows on television — especially The Steve Harvey Show.

During the school vacation, he hopes to travel to places of interest around SVG like La Soufrière and Owia Salt Pond.

Danielson’s mother Kay Ferguson said that she was “very elated” at her son’s success, and was not at all shocked that he had done so well.

“He was very consistent… and he is a very disciplined student,” she explained.

“I am proud to know that he did his best. He knew from the beginning that he had a good day… We just prayed for him and so, and we were happy to hear that he came out on top. For me, it’s just the beginning… It’s the second phase, but the same discipline, the same attitude — we want him to carry that. We just hope that Grammar School wouldn’t deter him; he will continue to work hard and get good results with God’s grace.” (JSV)