FSC sends 100-box sample shipment of plantains to UK
June 19, 2015
FSC sends 100-box sample shipment of plantains to UK

The 40ft container of plantains that was scheduled to be exported by the Farmers’ Support Company (FSC) on June 5 had to be significantly reduced from the proposed 900 to 100 boxes.

According to a release from the Ministry of Agriculture, because of a large quantity of over grade fruits supplied by the farmers, the FSC decided to send a sample shipment to the United Kingdom,{{more}} as the over grade fruits were deemed unfit to make the journey to the UK, since they would result in significant losses, due to ship ripe. The FSC then quickly switched to option B, which was to sell to the plantains to the region: namely a Trinidadian importer.

Minister of Agriculture, Rural Transformation, Forestry, Fisheries and Industry Saboto Caesar noted that snags will arise when there are extremely high productions of any commodity. He added that because of the glut on the market, farmers will attempt to first sell the oldest grade; however he is pleased that the plantains were able to be sold eventually.

According to Caesar, the farmers will be paid the same price as if it had gone to the United Kingdom and that is what matters most.

The FSC will continue to seek new markets, especially in a period where the $12 million provided to farmers in loans has increased production significantly. Agriculture production has shown a steady upward increase in the first quarter of 2015, relative to the figures of 2014.

Caesar concluded that he is optimistic that the second quarter of 2015 will also show an increase and the FSC will continue to purchase plantains for export.