June 19, 2015
CPEA results improve over 2014 – Ministry

The overall pass rate in the 2015 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) was 80.9 per cent, an improvement over the 2014 results.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, at a press conference on Wednesday, said while the numbers recorded this year are commendable, he has written to the Minister of Education to see how they can improve on this year’s scores.{{more}}

This year, female students attained an 88.6 per cent pass rate, and the males, 73.31 per cent, both of which are up from last year’s figures.

Last year, the overall pass rate was 78.08 per cent, with the girls having a pass rate of 87.5 per cent and the boys, 69.67 per cent.

“We still see differences between the boys and the girls. The girls are doing better than the boys, but the boys are picking up too. We need to continue that in both respects,” the Prime Minister said.

Twelve schools gained 100 per cent passes and 11 schools obtained between 90 and 99 per cent passes. Additionally, 17 schools had pass rates between 80 and 89 per cent.

Gonsalves said there are 16 schools that obtained between 70 and 79 per cent passes. There are six between 60 and 69 per cent, four between 50 and 59 and one which was under 50 per cent passes.

Reading from his letter to Miguel, Gonsalves said, “We need to analyse these results, all of the results in every area. I know that as usual, your ministry will do the schools’ assessment and students’ performance for appropriate corrective action. I will like to see that the schools themselves individually do their own analysis, why they have done well, why they haven’t done better than well, those who have not done as well, why not…”

The Prime Minister also said that what is good about the results is that they have been spread across the islands.

“They have been spread across town and country. Across all occupational groups and classes, which tell us something as to what is happening. All these are occasions for rejoicing… When results like this happen, we have to thank God. We have to thank him,” Gonsalves said.

Of the 1,829 students registered, 1,822 wrote the final exam, which was administered by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC).