June 19, 2015
CIBC working to address parking challenges

CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank is exploring options to resolve the parking challenges faced by customers doing business at its Kingstown branch.

In a release, the bank stated that the area in question, which is currently used by some of its customers for parking, is managed by the Kingstown Board, which has designated it a no parking zone.{{more}}

“CIBC FirstCaribbean has, however, written to the Commissioner of Police and the Kingstown Board requesting the use of two parking spots to facilitate temporary access to customers using the night wallet depository and ATM, both of which are located at the bank’s entrance.

“The bank is currently awaiting word from the Commissioner of Police and the Kingstown Board on the request for the two parking spots.

“The bank apologises for the inconvenience caused by the parking restriction and assures the public that every effort is being made to resolve the situation.”