Church donates to families of Rock Gutter tragedy
June 19, 2015
Church donates to families of Rock Gutter tragedy

The First Community Church of the Nazarene in White Plains, New York and the Enhams Church of the Nazarene have together donated US$1,000 to the families of the victims of Rock Gutter.

The White Plains Church, under the leadership of pastor Dr Leroy Richards, raised US$700 to assist the families through Nazarene Missions International. Vincentians Ulric and Susan Hamlet are members of that church.{{more}}

These funds were channelled through Stefrine Durrant of the Penniston Church of the Nazarene to pastor Chiefton Charles, of the Enhams Church of the Nazarene. That church added another US$200, for a total sum equivalent to EC$2,400, which was distributed equally among the six families whose children died in the disaster.

The funds were handed over recently by Reverend Chiefton Charles and Brother Vincent Benjamin, the District NMI president (Windward Islands District) of the Church of the Nazarene.

The recipients expressed gratitude to the Church of the Nazarene for the financial support. They plan to use the funds to help finance a memorial event planned for June/July 2015.

The New York group will partner with the Enhams Church of the Nazarene to provide further assistance to the surviving students later in the year.

The recipients of last Saturday’s donation were: Nelcia Stay, Methalyne Alexander, Heslon Ballantyne, Gloridene Harry, Junior Bowens and Jemma Edwards. (Pastor Kenneth Roberts received the donation on behalf of Hesron Ballantyne)

Pastor Charles encouraged the parents with a reading from Revelation 21 and a prayer for continued fortitude as they go through their time of mourning and healing.

Nazarene Missions International exists to mobilize the church in missions through prayer, education, giving, and interactive experiences. They stand ready to respond in times of need.