June 16, 2015
Two men shot at Petit Bordel, hours apart

Adrian Codogan

Two Petit Bordel men are currently nursing gunshot wounds at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), after being shot in separate incidents, just hours apart.

The first incident occurred on Sunday around 11 p.m., just across from the Petit Bordel Secondary School, where a floodlight football game was taking place.{{more}}

Julius Pierre and his girlfriend Asunde Matthews were standing across the street on a mound of dirt, when a masked gunman came up behind and shot Pierre once in the lower side area of the abdomen.

While trying to escape, Asunde, who ran in the same direction as the assailant, fell and dislocated her shoulder. Pierre was assisted by persons who ran to the scene and taken to the Chateaubelair hospital.

Villagers immediately began searching the area, looking for the gunman, but no perpetrator was found.

The second victim is 25-year-old Okino Edwards, also known as Jokey.

An eyewitness told SEARCHLIGHT that Edwards was at the football game where Pierre was shot, but got into a fight before the shooting occurred, following which, he disappeared.

A source told SEARCHLIGHT that after the fight, while making his way home, Edwards was abducted and taken to the Petit Bordel beach, where he was tied to a sack of sand and threatened that he would be sunk, if he didn’t give his abductors certain information.

He was subsequently shot and released.

The source also said that Edwards may have been shot because his information did not satisfy his abductors.

Following a tip, police apprehended Edwards at his mother’s home, nursing the gunshot wound on one of his legs, just below the knee. He had not sought medical help, nor had he reported the shooting to the police.

He is believed to have been shot in the wee hours of yesterday morning.

Edwards had been hiding from the police all last week, after his sister reported that he had allegedly beaten her up.