June 16, 2015
I am not a product of the Education Revolution – Phillips

Radio announcer, Lavern “Gypsy” Phillips has declared that she is not a product of the Education Revolution being implemented under the current administration in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Phillips, who made her debut on a political platform earlier this month at a New Democratic Party public meeting at Richland Park,{{more}} lashed out at persons levelling criticisms at her for comments she made, describing the Education Revolution in this country as a failed project.

Among those persons criticising Phillips for her stance, was a female caller to the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) radio station Star FM, who identified herself as Phillips’ mother. The woman said it was Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves who was responsible for Phillips being afforded a university education in Taiwan.

“After speaking about an education revolution that the Unity Labour Party is using against you and your child, I was chastised as being ungrateful because according to them, I am a product of the Education Revolution in the form of a Taiwan government scholarship,” she said, during her address in Layou last Saturday, at another NDP public meeting.

“I am not a product of what they are boasting about. I am a product of a former government, an NDP government, who ensured that I was able to read and write efficiently before I went to Secondary school and tonight, for those of you who are chewing on my name as if it was bubblegum, let me put alyo in alyo place right now!”

According to Phillips, her boss, Douglas DeFreitas, was instrumental in her receiving a Taiwanese scholarship, as he negotiated with the then ambassador, Elizabeth Chu, so that she could pursue her studies.

She further stated that DeFreitas, in the five years that she was studying, refused to employ anyone else, so that when she came back, she would be able to have a job and take care of her son.

“Last Saturday (June 6), I made my political debut in Marriaqua, which is the constituency from which I hail and the ULP guns came out blazing, but I’m not worried about them. They have to do so much more before they could ruffle my feathers.

As a young woman now entering the field of politics, I will, however, let them know that I am a batswoman, so whether they bowl a spin, a fast, a bouncer, or a yorker, I would hit it for a six; I would tell them to fetch it and I would tell them to bowl again, because whether is a 20-overs, 50-overs or a test match, I am ready for any version of the game,” the radio announcer said.

Phillips noted that she was more concerned about the youths of St VIncent and the Grenadines and their development, rather than what others had to say about her.(BK)