June 16, 2015
Garifuna Heritage Foundation – no comment on honorary citizenship

Following a meeting last Thursday to discuss the matter of honorary citizenship for members of the Garinagu diaspora, the Garifuna Heritage Foundation has decided to decline from publicly commenting on the issue.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, David ‘Darkie’ Williams, president of the Garifuna Heritage Foundation, explained: “If it develops into something other than what it is now,{{more}} we will have to make a statement. As is, right now we are not going to make a statement.”

Williams pointed out that several persons involved in the issue have been attempting to clarify their stances on the matter.

“The Prime Minister has done that; Mr Eustace is trying to do that – to explain what he means by ‘honorary’. So, we are looking at it develop.

“We are just observing for now.” (JSV)