June 16, 2015
Fourteen customers win big with FLOW

Fourteen FLOW customers were rewarded last week, when they received a number of different prizes for being a part of the Fantastic 14 Promotion, held in May.

Customers who participated had chances to win Android tablets, “FLOW your own” video packages, Vincy Mas ticket packs and a chance to have their FLOW bill zeroed for one entire month.{{more}}

“The promotion was quite successful, so we do thank all our customers out there. We want to thank all those who participated in the promotion and wish them to continue, of course, using the Flow services, upgrading your services, migrating from the old platform to the newer digital platform, which is the way forward in FLOW,” marketing and communications manager Corey Garrett said at last Friday’s handover ceremony.

The winners in this blitz promotion, which ran from May 6 to May 30, were Emily Isaacs, Godwin Emery Cabral, Natalie Danielle Millington, Gwyneth Ryan, Margaret Daniel, Ato Rowe, Cynthia Parsons, Roxanne Mianda Pope, Delris Hazell, Vance and Wendy Sutherland, Matthias Stewart, Collisford Zacharias Yorke, Renwick Rasta Daniel and Monecia Ollivierre.

“As most persons would know, most companies, most entities have promotions where there is only one grand prize winner, but FLOW, of course, being different in the market, decided that this time, we were going to make it exciting and viable to all our customers…and give away 14 grand prizes,” Garrett explained.

To be eligible to win a prize, customers either signed up for a new service, migrated their service from the old platform to the new digital platform, added a package to their account or added any other service to their account.