‘Far-I’ Adams  is doing it ‘Jus Natural’ on Union Island
June 16, 2015
‘Far-I’ Adams is doing it ‘Jus Natural’ on Union Island

by Donald De Riggs

Local entrepreneur “Far-I”Adams, of Union Island in the Southern Grenadines, has recently added a few more products to his “Jus Natural” range of locally made products, his latest being boneless Grenadines corned fish and pre-cooked conchs.

Though not giving away trade secrets about his original line of skin care products, he noted that the base of his Baby Powder was arrowroot;{{more}} the skin scrubs were mined from special clay deposits in Union Island, each with a distinctive colour and texture; while the skin cream is a combination of locally produced virgin coconut oil, olive oil and Shea butter.

After five years in the business, Lloyd “Far I”Adams and his business partner, Arnold King aka “Jah Blaze” decided that there were other avenues to make a living by adding value to readily available products. Out of that idea came a ‘good seller’ in the form of two food products: ready to eat, pre-cooked, packaged and frozen conch and boneless local corned fish.

There is currently a drive to reduce the number of invasive lion fish in our waters. Being a shrewd entrepreneur, Adams has just entered a contract with fishermen to provide him with a regular supply of the lion fish, which is now considered a delicacy. He hopes to “corn” (salt and sun dry) and package the fish. He is currently working on a new label for his sea food products and soon ‘Jus Natural’ corned fish and pre-cooked conchs will be available with attractive packaging.

At the moment, most of his products are available only in Union Island, but once proper arrangements are made, these products can be shipped to StVincent and elsewhere. “Natty Far-I” can be contacted via the following email: fireburn94@yahoo.com, (784)593-7388, (784) 527-5158 or (718) 705 0570.