June 12, 2015
Aglow International hold its 15th Annual Retreat in SVG

The Aglow International SVG Chapter, held its 15th Annual Retreat in St Vincent and the Grenadines over the past weekend, May 29 to 31, 2015 at the Alexandrina Hotel in Prospect.

Aglow International is an interdenominational organization of Christian women {{more}}and men. Formerly known as Women’s Aglow Fellowship, it has more than 200,000 members meeting together each month through local Aglow groups in 171 nations. More than 21,000 Aglow leaders worldwide minister in their communities. An estimated 17 million people each year are ministered to through over 1,250 community, neighborhood and workplace groups in the US, as well as 3,101 local groups internationally. The organization was born in 1967 out of the charismatic movement that swept the US in the 1960s. The name Aglow is taken from the book of Romans 12:11

The local SVG Chapter lead by President, Diane Questelles organized this year’s Retreat with her team and saw over 20 persons from Aglow in Trinidad and representative from Barbados. Approximatley 70 persons spent the entire weekend and 35 commuted and attended the sessions. The theme for this year’s Retreat was ‘Rising to God’s Expectations’. Rev. Dr. Joyce Edwards from Trinidad was the main speaker who did justice to the theme and encouraged the audience which consisted of mostly women that in order to rise to God’s expectations there must be self-examination and self assessment done to keep in line with God’s expectation. Rev. Annette Dalton reminded the audience that God’s expectations have not changed. She fed the hungry audience going back to the beginning in Genesis outlining God’s initial plan for mankind was to have dominion and she shared ways on how this can still be achieved despite man’s disobedience. The information in the sessions were deep and thought provoking.

Rev. Joyce Prevatt, the Regional Director of the Aglow International, ministered what the Holy Spirit was saying to her. Rev. Prevatt is a powerful minister of the Word and lives her life in faith and obedience to the Word. Rev. Prevatt also ministered the Holy Communion. Shirlene Pope, the inaugural President of Aglow International SVG also flew in for this year’s Retreat. She conducted her first session which was entitled ‘Removing the Mask, Finding the True You’. She indicated that many Christians wear different kinds of masks for various reasons, including masks of compromise and fear. She said that we cannot truly serve God or rise to God’s Expectations unless the masks are off and the true self revealed.

The weekend’s Retreat was a testament and continues to show the importance of God in our lives, that we cannot live without him and we have to make preparations as He is returning soon. Many persons have expressed their great satisfaction with the weekend’s Retreat and with the Aglow International local Chapter for organizing it and have already indicated that next year Retreat will be even greater.

The Aglow local chapter would like to thank the many persons who attend this year’s Retreat. Also special thanks to some corporate and private donations and the Stevens, owners of Hotel Alexandrina that assisted in one way or another. Your assistance and thoughtfulness was indeed greatly appreciated and we look forward to your continued assistance in the coming years.