June 2, 2015
Four bridges being rebuilt by Ecuadoreans to officially open in June

The four bridges that are being reconstructed by a team of engineers from Ecuador are set to be turned over to the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines on June 23.

This was announced by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, Commerce and Information Technology Camillo Gonsalves last week.{{more}}

The bridges, which had been damaged in the December 2013 floods, were originally estimated to be handed over by June 15 and are currently undergoing final checks by the team of army engineers.

“They have sent their inspectors to do a sort of a final check on the quality of the work that’s being done, and to meet with the engineers here. They assure us that the bridges will be complete on June 23,” said Gonsalves.

Regarding the revised completion date, he noted: “I wish that all of our infrastructural projects could be completed that close to their original estimated deadline!”

He commended the Ecuadorean team on its “top notch” works, and said that at peak, over 100 locals were employed in the endeavour.

“Some of them are even speaking a smattering of Spanish now,” he joked.

“Good work is being done on the bridges…”

Gonsalves added: “I want to point out as well, that there are some forms of aid and assistance that were pledged to St Vincent and the Grenadines in the wake of the floods that we still have not received, that are still being processed…

“It is impressive to note that there was a conversation between the head of government of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the head of state of Ecuador [and] within a week, they sent some people up here to assess. Within a month or two, the army corps of engineers was on the ground, and now here we are in June… they are going to be pulling up stakes and leaving.”

Gonsalves said that he was impressed with the speed and efficiency exhibited in this venture, and that the Government is “exceedingly grateful” for it. (JSV)