May 29, 2015
ULP needs all hands on deck – Saboto Caesar

Young supporters of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) have been warned that while their creative efforts in gearing up for the upcoming elections are applauded, more work still needs to be done.

“DJ, we are hearing the song ‘The whole place shell down when we touch down’{{more}}. And I want to spend a minute on this. But a lot of work has to be done by you and by me before we make the victorious touchdown on election day,” Saboto Caesar told the ULP Youth Arm Convention last Sunday.

Caesar, who was the featured speaker at the event, told the room full of young people that the party needs all hands on deck.

“We want all the seats. The harvest is certainly plenteous and the young labourites are ready for the fight,” he said.

However, the parliamentary representative for South Central Windward, who is seeking his second term in office, said before any of this is done, young people must first understand the message.

“We must understand where we are coming from. The path taken to bring us safe thus far, and the policies and programmes for the future.

“Our young people must package the message properly. You have been doing an excellent job thus far and I love the T-shirts that you are wearing and the messages are coming out there.”

While acknowledging that supporters have been doing excellent work through social media, songs and other art forms, he implored the young men and women to engage in more house to house campaigns.

“I want us also to do our house-to-house campaign and to knock every single door in this country in defence of the Unity Labour Party, the party for the young people in this country, now and forever,” Caesar said.

He said supporters must market and then assess the message to see the impact it has had on persons.

“We have to go through our communities and ensure that all our friends are registered and they have their ID cards. That is how we are going to ensure that we shell down on election night.”

Caesar also encouraged the youth to stand up and stand out for the party and country and to be counted.

“I encourage us to go the extra mile for our party. You have a great party to defend. Your endurance is going to be critical. It may be a sprint, but it can also be a marathon. So, today, as the battle cry sounded, let us go forward in unity. Put on your whole political armour.

“We must not exhibit hate on the campaign trail. For in normal circumstances, it is only when you show love that you will be able to win hearts and minds for the Labour Party in this country.

“I love the turnout today and we must pledge that we must not disband after the next elections. But I want to see this very energy present in this hall when we win the next general elections. That very energy must continue to build this blessed nation of ours,” Caesar said.(KW)