May 29, 2015
No threat to transparency of draws – NLA

The transparency of the draws conducted by the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) will not threatened by the decision of the NLA to only televise these draws on cable television channel VC3.{{more}}

Product development officer of the NLA Anthony Dennie told SEARCHLIGHT recently that the draws will be transparent, as they are all audited by KPMG, a reputable auditing firm in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Since we have been doing our draws, all of our draws are being audited and that does not change at VC3. We have the services of KPMG, which is a reputable auditing firm. They have been doing the draws for us over the years, and we have not had a single problem since we have KPMG on board auditing our draws,” Dennie said.

Last week, the NLA, in a release, announced that their draws would no longer be televised on SVGTV, which is a non-subscriber, free-to-air channel. The NLA said, effective May 18, draws would only be televised on Vincentian Cultural Connection (VC3) channel 114, which is owned by the NLA.

Dennie said since December 1, 2014, VC3 has been doing the NLA draws.

“What has happened is that since then, SVG television, in some instances, was doing a simulcast and in other instances, they were recording for replay. Our board felt that the time had come for us to transition to VC3. That’s basically the rationale behind it.”

Additionally, the product development manager noted that persons who do not have cable television may still listen to the results of all draws by tuning into one of five local radio stations.

According to Dennie, the draw results will be available on NBC Radio, Nice Radio, Star Radio, Hitz FM and WEFM.

“As a matter of fact, we have an arrangement now with NBC Radio, that every night at 9:30, the draw results will be read on NBC Radio. So persons who don’t have the luxury of cable can tune into NBC radio and get the draws live,” he said.

He also noted that the NLA draw results are posted on their Facebook page. (BK)