May 29, 2015
Bless Us Pre-school and Day Care Centre holds Child Month celebration

The Bless Us Pre-school and Day Care Centre at Redemption Sharpes held a career day activity on Friday, May 22, as part of its celebration of Child Month.

For career day, the children dressed in various professional attire and were given the opportunity to express their different career choices.{{more}} They were also able to view other professions and learn about their importance.

Earlier in the month of May, the school conducted its ‘Hats Off to Reading’ march around the community, in a display of the children’s creativity.

The school has an outreach programme, in which it seeks to reach as many families, including the elderly, in numerous ways.

The management and staff of the Bless Us Pre-school and Day Care Centre, in a release, reminded the public that our children are with us all year round and it is our duty to make each child feel loved, safe and happy while growing up. Every child deserves to be loved.