St David’s Parish hosts Anglican hierarchy
May 19, 2015
St David’s Parish hosts Anglican hierarchy

The recent Housing and Population Census, which showed that membership in the Anglican Church has declined, was one of the topics discussed by the clergy of the Anglican Church at their monthly business meeting last week.{{more}}

At the meeting, held in the parish of St David, in the western coastal town of Chateaubelair, clergy analyzed the census data and strategized as to how the church could respond in mission and ministry to God. The 2012 Housing and Population Census showed that membership in the Anglican Church in St Vincent and the Grenadines has declined from 17.75 per cent of the population in 2001 to 13.9 per cent in 2012.

Bishop of the Windward Islands C Leopold Friday, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, said the meeting of May 11 was a first for St David, in the 30 years since he had been a priest. Last month’s meeting was held in Bequia, and Calliaqua hosted the one in March.

Friday said, during the retreat, a variety of issues was dealt with, including the ministry of the church, increasing clergy membership and how the church could move forward. Health and wellness was among the issues discussed, and priests were encouraged to take care of themselves and maintain healthy lifestyles.

The men and women of God discussed the development of programmes to assist members to perform ministry in the church and move towards vocations for the priesthood.

He also disclosed that documentation of church properties, the revised diocesan regulations and an organizational audit, which had been commissioned by the church, were also on last week’s agenda. The bishop said the consultant who carried out the audit looked at the organization within the church and how it can be improved.

Bishop Friday said a series of upcoming social events was planned and tweaked, including a family day in Bequia on June 14, a youth gathering next year in Grenada and a camp in the parish of St David.

Other upcoming events including the 2nd Annual Bishop Woodroffe Memorial lecture on May 21, at which the lecturer will be Canon Isaacs Phillips from the Archdiocese of the North Eastern Caribbean and Aruba. He will speak on the topic: “The role of the Anglican Church in the Emerging Caribbean Civilization.” The Bishop said Phillips was the preacher when he was consecrated bishop in 2006.

Looking ahead, Bishop Friday said the Diocese and Clergy Conference held every three years will be hosted in Grenada in October, with the theme being: “Going Apart For A While In Order To Shepherd God’s People.” Preparations were also made for the Provincial Synod, slated for Barbados in November.

A preliminary report from the Provincial Clergy Conference, held in Trinidad last month, where two members of the Vincentian clergy attended, was tabled. Bishop Friday told SEARCHLIGHT that the discussions were fruitful and that they had good fellowship.

After the meeting, the group retired to the Beach Front Restaurant for some good food and northern hospitality.