May 15, 2015
St Vincent Brewery/Hairoun unveils three new labels

Hairoun Beer is celebrating its 30th anniversary with among others things, three new labels.

The new labels were designed by local designers Stephen Veira, Dwight Davis and Okana Graham.

The trio are the first, second and third place winners respectively of the St Vincent Brewery Limited/Hairoun label competition which was held as part of the Brewery’s 30th anniversary celebrations.{{more}}

The competition ran for two weeks from February 6 to 20 and was open to the Vincentian public of legal drinking age (18 and over). The designers of the top three designs would receive for 1st prize – $2,000, 2nd prize – $1,000 and 3rd – $500 dollars.

They will be rewarded at an upcoming function.

Sales and Marketing manager at the Brewery Shafia London-Williams announced the winners of the competition last Tuesday, May 12 at the brewery in Campden Park during the official launch of the company’s Carnival and 30th anniversary celebrations.

The three selected labels will be circulated over the next eight weeks. This is the first time that the Brewery is doing a triple label change.

“I will like to encourage people to collect them…we are excited to celebrate three decades,” said London-Williams, who congratulated the winners, while stressing that the Brewery is very pleased with the results of the competition, “and we hope that all Hairoun consumers enjoy the label and the product within the bottle.”

Also speaking at the label and Carnival promotion launch, Marketing coordinator at the Brewery Kelvin Franklyn said that in June 1985, the Brewery bottled its first batch of, “freshly brewed St Vincent and the Grenadines very own Hairoun Beer, which has become a household name here.”

He added that 30 years ago, when world renowned German Brewery Haase Brauerei went looking for a Caribbean island to establish a brewery, they found the perfect location in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“They fell in love with the island’s rich history, its people, and their unique way of life. Above all, St Vincent and the Grenadines was the perfect location because it was flowing with soft, crystal-clear, spring water, a prerequisite for good beer. The two cultures were blended together and St Vincent Brewery Limited a public company was created,” said Franklyn.

He added, “…over this 30 years, Hairoun has become a household beer and has continued to hold its own as the most favoured brew. We are proud of our unique heritage and wholeheartedly embrace our culture of which Hairoun is uniquely positioned, the beer of the people.”

Franklyn stressed also that 2015 is a special year and as Hairoun beer celebrates the legendary milestone, they are inviting consumers to join in the 30th anniversary celebrations.