May 15, 2015
Courts makes Matthias’ dream come true

One week after making his first credit purchase from furniture and appliance store Courts St Vincent Limited, Lloyd Matthias has 11,000 reasons to be thankful.

The Dubois Village resident was selected as the grand prize winner of Courts’ MABE Win Your Dream Promotion, which would ensure that he can live his dream up to the tune of $11,000.{{more}}

Matthias, who was lured to the store on Wednesday, was told that Courts had forgotten to give him a pressure cooker, to compliment the MABE stove he had recently purchased.

The labourer was pleasantly surprised, but calm, when commercial manager Lisa Veira informed him that he was the winner of the promotion.

“I must say that I am very happy right now,” Matthias said, after taking a seat and absorbing the news.

“When I was told about the promotion and I filled out the form, I was wishing that I would win something, but I never expect that I would. I am feeling very happy.”

When asked what he would do with his prize, he indicated that he was not too certain, but said he would like to do some work on his home, and “buy some other things for the house.”

Matthias admitted that he had made one cash purchase in the past, but intends to become a loyal customer from now on.

“I would encourage people to shop at Courts, because they can really make your dreams come true,” Matthias said.

Also claiming her prize on Wednesday was Juliette Culzac, the sixth and final winner of the preliminary round of the campaign. Culzac won herself US$200.

Veira also used the opportunity to congratulate Matthias, as well as all the winners of the US$200 preliminary round of the campaign.

She thanked all the persons who shopped during the promotion and indicated that there would be more upcoming promotions, where anyone can be a winner.