May 15, 2015
Coreas Hazells Inc donates $2,000 to SVG Christian Aid

A request for assistance from SVG Christian Aid has resulted in Coreas Hazells Inc responding positively with a contribution of $2,000 towards that organization’s meals provision programme.

The programme caters for over 400 children monthly. The cheque was handed over at the company’s headquarters by Coreas Hazells Inc senior marketing coordinator Ezzie Roberts.{{more}} The organization was well represented by a number of its members including, president, Bernadette Richards-Duncan; public relations officer, Anthony Boyea; secretary treasurer, Bertram Pompey; assistant secretary treasurer, Mark Charles and committee member, Jack Gellizeau.

The SVGCA, which started operating in January 2010, stated in a release, “Our primary purpose is to raise funds for the provision of meals and other necessities to needy school age children and families in St Vincent & the Grenadines. This we provide primarily through the school system. We have no source of income, except what we solicit from donors. Each member of the organization absorbs operational costs, so that the maximum of funds received from donors go directly towards the children. We operate on a month to month basis and will continue for as long as funds are available.”

President Bernadette Richards-Duncan received the cheque on the organization’s behalf and expressed much gratitude to Coreas Hazells Inc for the timely contribution. She explained that the programme was being funded primarily by an American philanthrophist, Bob Vaughan who had passed away in January 2015. Bob’s wife, Rhonda, lived in St Vincent in the 1960’s. The organization is however, trying to keep it going with whatever assistance can be obtained locally.

Ezzie Roberts said “Coreas Hazells Inc certainly takes pride in offering assistance to such organisations involved in humanitarian work and assisting less fortunate individuals in our society.” He continued “Let me encourage others to do likewise as we reach out and touch the lives of those in need, in a positive way”.

Organizations and individuals who would like to make a contribution can send email to [email protected] or call 784 455 0880, 784 527 4780 or 784 491 2175.