UWI offering new courses through distance learning
May 12, 2015
UWI offering new courses through distance learning

A suite of new educational programmes awaits the student who wishes to study at the University of the West Indies through distance learning.

Director of Academic Programming and Delivery (APAD) for Open campuses across the region, Dr Joel Warrican, was speaking at a {{more}}regional teleconference on Friday, May 8, when he highlighted some of the new programmes that will be introduced for the 2015/2016 academic year for students who wish to study through the UWI online portal.

“As you have heard before, we are online, on site, on demand. That is to say we meet people wherever they are. The great thing is that it doesn’t matter whether you have family or work commitment. We are the place for you. You can do your degree online with us. You can be anywhere. You just need to log on to your laptop or mobile device and we are right there,” Warrican said.

Bachelor of Science degrees in Management Studies in the field of entrepreneurship, financial management, human resources, marketing and tourism and hospitality management are now available for students applying online. New undergraduate programmes in political science, psychology and sociology have also been introduced.

New graduate programmes in management and educational leadership, management (general), management (marketing), management (human resources) and public sector management have also been introduced.

In relation to the management and educational leadership programme, Warrican referred to the university’s policy of being responsive to the various documents and advice of supporting governments, which influence the programmes that are offered to students.

“One government said they wanted to train principals, but not just in educational leadership. Because of the nature of schooling now, they wanted that education to include management. We created that programme not just for that country, but for the entire region. This is the first professional doctorate in education that’s being offered in the university,” the APAD director said.

Additionally, Warrican revealed that UWI is carrying out a market survey and feasibility study that will aid in the introduction of another suite of programmes.

This suite of programmes will include studies in ICT, national and regional security and health and the environment.

Furthermore, the APAD director told the regional media that in the September 2016 academic year, a programme in media studies and journalism will be offered at Open Campuses.

He also urged that persons visit an Open Campus site closest to them to see what programmes are offered there.

“At the site, we have programmes on site for everyone. Those who want skills for the world of work, those who already are working, but want to upgrade themselves, already in professions, but need to take continuing and professional education to meet industry or sector needs,” he said.

Persons interested in more information or applying for the online UWI experience, can visit www.open.uwi.edu.(BK)