Mentally ill man dies while in police custody
May 5, 2015
Mentally ill man dies while in police custody

The results of a post mortem conducted Monday into the cause of death of a mentally ill man, who died in police custody over the weekend, should be available today.

Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, when contacted yesterday, confirmed that Wendell Ashton, originally of Chateaubelair, {{more}}was at the time of his death, in police custody.

Charles said Ashton, also known as “Compay Goat” and “Tiga,” was at the Central Police Station in Kingstown awaiting transportation to the mental health centre at Orange Hill.

“If they have them to go out, sometimes they have no place to put them. There were about three of them here to be transported to Orange Hill, but he was discovered dead when the police went to check on him,” Charles said.

SEARCHLIGHT has not yet been able to ascertain if Ashton had been detained by police in connection with an offence.(KW)