May 5, 2015
Home of former Miss SVG burglarized

Police are investigating a burglary at the residence of a former Miss St Vincent and the Grenadines, a crime which has left the victim shaken and disturbed.

Veronique Williams, the winner of the 2009 pageant, told SEARCHLIGHT in an exclusive interview last week, that a burglar or burglars {{more}}broke into her Ruthland Vale, Layou home, some time on Friday, April 24, while she was at work.

“I believe it was between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m., because I came home at 5:30 that day. They probably entered through the kitchen,” Williams recounted.

“When I came home and opened the front door, there was a suitcase there. When I went inside, I checked the bedroom and there were clothes thrown all over the room, stuff thrown off the nightstand, the mattress was cut up.

“I went to the living room and some of our stuff was stolen,” Williams added.

Some of these items included a television set, DJ equipment belonging to her boyfriend Emron Matthews, as well as a transformer.

Also stolen from the home are two souvenir Samurai swords and a knife, two suitcases believed to be filled with the beauty queen’s clothing, and another suitcase, filled with towels and sheets, along with playstation games, shoes and other items of value.

No jewelry was taken.

Williams said that the items taken were valued at more than $21,000.

Williams, a marketing officer at telecommunications company LIME, said that since the incident, she and her boyfriend no longer feel at home in their own dwelling place, and she is still traumatized by the incident.

She indicated that the police officers investigating the crime were very helpful throughout the ordeal, and urged her to add more security mechanisms to the house.

Williams also used the opportunity to urge persons not to purchase items believed to be stolen.

“If the items look suspicious, please do not buy them. The persons who purchase stolen items will have to pay more.

“I did not expect something like this to happen to me at all. I feel so violated. I just hope that whoever did this is caught and brought to justice,” Williams told SEARCHLIGHT.