April 30, 2015
Christian Life Ministries celebrates 29 years with church service

Christian Life Ministries (CLM) celebrated 29 years of service to the Christian community and the nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines with a church service last Sunday.

The special service, which was held under the theme “Divine Empowerment for Divine Increase,” began at 3:30 p.m. and was chaired by assistant pastor Rolston Paris.{{more}} There were several visiting churches and pastors who were present and they brought greetings and shared remarks. A series of prayers was done by four of the visiting pastors.

Greetings also came from Senator Camillo Gonsalves, who was at the time representing Minister Clayton Burgin, the area parliamentary representative, who was unable to attend the service, due to an engagement with medical professionals in “Miracle Mission Now.” Gonsalves congratulated the church on being here for 29 years and wished that they might be around for 29 more. He was prayed for by the pastors, as a representative of the nation’s Parliament, as they brought the nation before God.

The message was done by senior pastor Colin Smith, whose message was entitled, “Show me your way, that I might know you.” The text was taken from the book of Exodus 33:13. He spoke on the way of obedience. The question was asked how to live in obedience? 1 Corinthians 6:17. The way of total surrender, the way of sanctification, the way of consecration, the way of holiness, the way of faithfulness, the way of divine empowerment and the way of victory were all described in knowing the way. He encouraged the congregants to be separate unto God, to be at God’s disposal and be willing to ascend to the higher elevation. The texts were taken from Psalms 24:3-4, and Acts 10. He concluded by asking the audience to learn to know the ways of God.

The celebrations continued with four nights of crusades in Cane Garden, from Monday, April 28 to Thursday 30, under the theme “Repent and Live.” This was done in collaboration with the Living Waters Ministries International.

The work of CLM began here in April 1986 by Guyanese missionary the Reverend Uris Archibald. While planning on leaving SVG, Pastor Archibald told Bro Marvin Tomas, in an interview in 2006, that the Lord told them their work on the island was not yet finished. They were then led to start new work on the windward side of the island at Prospect. At the early beginning, the congregants met at the home of the missionaries; the ministry later moved to Kingstown, where they met at the Union House. They later returned to Prospect and subsequently were permitted to host their services at the Calliaqua Town Hall, up until about 2003.

After a missionary visit by current senior pastor Colin Smith in 2002, he felt the call of God to return to SVG to serve the CLM as a missionary. Since then he has been serving as senior pastor. In 2006, the ministry completed and dedicated its present home sanctuary at its 20th anniversary celebrations. Since then the work has experienced improvements and increases in different areas of ministry. (Contributed by Conroy Huggins)