April 24, 2015
Vinsave makes plea to parents/guardians

The SVG Save the Children Fund (VINSAVE) is making a plea for our children.

We must take care of our children much better than we are doing. We are alarmed at what is happening to our children. Within recent times, so many terrible things are happening to our children.{{more}} While we cannot predict the future, we have to and must be more vigilant and focussed as a people, as parents, teachers, guardians, in the care and protection of our children.

Even though we may be busy, we must find the time for our children. They are God’s gifts to us. I offer these simple suggestions:

1. LISTEN – find time to listen, to speak daily to your children

2. OBSERVE – their actions and behaviour patterns. Are there changes? Note these changes and ask questions of your children

3. COMMUNICATE – with your children’s teachers – find out what is happening at school, monitor their progress, check their homework

4. FIND OUT – who are your child’s friends? Who are the parents of these friends? – Get to know them

5. SPEAK to your children often

6. ADOLESCENCE is a critical period of the life cycle. As parents/guardians, seek to find out about the changes that take place during this period of the lifecycle in order to help your children to cope. Join a Parent Group. If there are problems, call somebody – a neighbour, a friend, your priest, your pastor.

There are agencies that offer help. Please call. You can call Vinsave or Parenting Partners at Tel: 456-1790 or 457-2697 for help. Once again – TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN so that they may grow and live meaningful and productive lives.

J Fraser
Executive Director