April 24, 2015
Kingstown businesses encouraged to improve upkeep of their buildings

“If you are doing business in the town then you should be cleaning it. It is part of your responsibility and duty.”

This was the assertion of a concerned member of the business community, who is of the opinion that most businesses that {{more}} operate in Kingstown are not doing enough to maintain its beauty.

Speaking with SEARCHLIGHT, the woman, who asked not to be identified, said that over the years, she and other members of the business community have contributed a lot to the upkeep of the capital, and will continue to do so because the Government cannot do it on its own.

“I think that it’s very unfair for one person to keep it clean,” said the businesswoman. “The town doesn’t belong to the Government; the town belongs to the business community. It’s their duty to clean it!”

She explained that in relation to the amount of money businesses make, it takes nothing to maintain the appearance of buildings, beautify their immediate vicinity, and dispose of the garbage the business generates in a timely and efficient manner.

“We should have a certain amount of civic pride… We are one of the most beautiful towns and we should upkeep it… If every single person did their part then we would go far.”

The businesswoman lauded establishments such as the St Vincent Cooperative Bank (Penny Bank), Edwin D Layne & Sons and the Cobblestone Inn for their efforts they make in keeping their properties clean and tidy.

Laverne Gibson-Velox, manager and secretary to the Board of Directors at the St Vincent Cooperative Bank, said that the institution takes great pride in keeping its surroundings clean. So much so that they have placed large potted palms at the front of the building, and landscaped and planted shrubs and flowers in its car park at the rear of the building.

There is also a large billboard advertising the bank’s services situated in the car park.

“You have to take pride in your property… [we] come here and spend most of our waking hours here. Somebody once described it as an eyesore, so we wanted to change here (the car park) to… something to behold,” said Gibson-Velox proudly.

“Some of the plants fell victim to urine,” she lamented. “People were just urinating through the fence, and even sometimes we have to keep the gate closed.

Referring to the car park, the bank manager added: “Every time I look out and I see it, I’m so amazed as to how well it has established itself… This our little piece of beautification in Heritage Square.”

Across the street, also at Heritage Square, the RBTT Bank recently installed new outdoor floor tiles and a wrought iron fence at the front of its property, emhancing the appearance of the area. (JSV)