April 24, 2015
Children’s home gets Courts coat

In keeping with their Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Courts employees were in action last weekend, assisting the less fortunate.

Members of staff journeyed to the Salvation Army’s Home for Children at Cane Grove, where they gave the building a well needed facelift.{{more}}

Not only did Courts donate the paint for the building, they also provided the man (and woman) power to paint the entire interior of the building in one day.

Employees were split into morning and afternoon shifts and ensured that when they were finished, the walls looked “like new.”

Major Persha Antoine, director of the Home, said that the Courts staff went above and beyond their call of duty.

“I can’t tell you how much we are grateful.

“Not only did they paint the walls, but they spent their time combing the girls’ hair and ironing for them,” Antoine said.

She pointed out that the children: nine girls and four boys, were delighted and happy to see that their building was given its very own make-over.

Antoine said that she was looking forward to further partnership with the furniture and appliance store, and hoped that other businesses would follow in their footsteps and come to the assistance of the three-year-old institution.