April 21, 2015
VINLEC’s fuel surcharge on April bills goes up

Customers of St Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) will see Fuel Surcharge Rate of 34.47 cents applicable on electricity bills for the month of April. This rate represents an increase from last month’s figure, which was 28.63 cents per unit.{{more}}

Customers are reminded that there are several factors that influence the Fuel Surcharge Rate, namely fuel cost, fuel consumption and electricity sales. During the month of March, the cost of diesel used for the generation of electricity amounted to 3.5 million dollars, as compared to a cost of 3.1 million dollars in February, while there was a slight decrease in sales. In addition, output from the company’s hydro plants remains low.

VINLEC wishes to reassure customers that the company continues to work to improve the efficiency of its operations to ensure customers receive valuable and reliable service.

The company continues to encourage customers to continue energy conservation, as this practice will help to reduce consumption.(Release from VINLEC)