April 21, 2015
Tiny Tots Pre-School celebrates 25 years

Tiny Tots Pre-School opened its doors to the Prospect community on April 23, 1990. On this special morning, in the presence of eight students, one teacher and relatives, the school was dedicated to God.

The school has grown tremendously since then. Over 600 students attended the school throughout its 25-year history.{{more}}

Because of an inadequacy of space, the school had to be moved from Prospect to a more spacious environment at the Belvedere main road, not far from the Mount Moriah Church.

In 1996, we had our first graduation at the church, with 32 students graduating. The school faced many challenges and obstacles over the years, and we believe that to survive all these years, must have been due to the hands of God, for which we are thankful.

Right now the school operates on the compound of Mrs Trotman’s residence, next to the police station in Stubbs.

It continues to thrive and flourish and not only caters to the needs of the children, but it is shaping them to meet the needs of the community.

Throughout the years, the school has kept in touch with many of its former students, mostly in the primary school. We have learned that some are in secondary school, colleges and university, also in prominent positions of employment.

At Tiny Tots Pre-School, we believe that once parents and teachers work together to mould the children, they will become strong, positive adults in the community, fit to take their place in this life and for eternity.(Contributed by Joy Ryan)