April 21, 2015
‘Out of love for Ancia’ group appeals for financial assistance for kidney patient

A group of former secondary school classmates has rallied together to raise funds for one of their own, Ancia Williams, who is experiencing difficulty in affording her weekly kidney dialysis treatment.

The latest fund-raising activity being organized by the group — which has called itself ‘Out of Love for Ancia’ — is a barbecue, which will take place on Thursday, April 30, at the CW Prescod Primary School yard from 11 a.m.{{more}}

Williams, a resident of Belair, has been on dialysis for two years — a procedure that costs $500 per treatment.

One of the founding members of the group, Shanelle Cumberbatch, said that she was moved to tears when she found out about Williams’ health woes, as she was much loved by her classmates when they had all been at school.

“I was a bit emotional, so I went on to contact her mother and asked how she was doing,” she recalled.

Once the group of former classmates met, they decided to do all they could to assist Williams through this difficult period of her life — no matter what it takes.

“It’s one of our own, and we must do something for her!” Cumberbatch insisted. “We want to make sure that everything we raise goes directly to her… plans are going ahead as we wish.”

Following a meeting held on March 2, the group is planning other fund-raising events, which include cake and food sales, a prayer breaksfast, and soliciting assistance/contributions from local business places.

Cumberbatch expressed thanks to all the individuals and business places who have made financial contributions (or in kind) so far, and said that she is pleased that tickets for the upcoming barbeque are being sold so quickly.

Members of the public are being asked to patronise the upcoming event and future ones, and for those who are willing, monetary donations will be accepted.

Donations can be made at the RBTT Bank Caribbean under account number 1400001078119798. For further information, Shanelle Cumberbatch can be contacted at (784) 495-0679.