JCI West Indies Executive Vice-president visits SVG
April 21, 2015
JCI West Indies Executive Vice-president visits SVG

JCI West Indies is devoted to creating various avenues for persons in society to build themselves, and in so doing, give back to their community.

Executive vice-president of JCI West Indies, Alexis Murray, who is also the officer assigned to JCI St Vincent, visited St Vincent and the Grenadines {{more}}(SVG) last week to lend support and training in a range of areas related to the organization’s programmes and projects.

Murray noted that the 2015 theme for the youth-based organization is “Care, Connect and Collaborate” and said through this theme, JCI St Vincent hopes to engage corporate entities that may be interested in partnering with them to effect change within the community.

“We want corporate citizens to understand that there are benefits in it for them. If you are a corporation that cares about the community or the environment, then you can partner with JCI St Vincent when they are executing their national environmental awareness project, which will be on June 6,” Murray said.

According to the vice-president, JCI is a unique organization for persons to be involved in, as it not only focuses on community service, but also on the development of oneself.

“The opportunities are endless,” Murray declared.

“The main purpose or mission of JCI is to develop individuals into becoming active citizens and we do that through different avenues and training happens to be the main one. In addition to that, there is active participation in projects which helps to solve problems in our society. We find sustainable solutions, not solutions to patch the problems here and there, but long-lasting solutions. Once you become a member of the organization, you will not regret it. Especially if you put in a lot of time and work into the organization.”

Worldwide, the organization, which caters to persons between 18 and 40 years of age, will celebrate 100 years of existence.

To commemorate this milestone, Murray revealed that all countries involved will be doing a special project. She further stated that JCI St Vincent is expected to deliver 100 gift baskets to shut-in persons across the country.

JCI West Indies is also marking a milestone as they celebrate 55 years since the personal development organization was introduced in the region.

During Murray’s visit, she was engaged in a range of activities which included a meeting with the Governor General, interviews with the media, and meetings with JCI members, as well as training sessions for persons who are a part of the organization. Before leaving on Sunday, the vice-president also had the opportunity to visit some of the country’s tourism sites.

JCI is an organization for young persons between the ages of 18 and 40 who want to develop themselves into becoming better leaders in society and who want create positive change in society by becoming active citizens.(BK)