Cane End resident wins Courts ‘MABE Takes care of You’ campaign
April 17, 2015
Cane End resident wins Courts ‘MABE Takes care of You’ campaign

Long-time Courts St Vincent customer Kimeon Byron says that she is “extremely happy” to win a prize from the furniture and appliance store.

The Cane End resident is the latest winner of the “MABE Takes care of You” campaign, now taking place at Courts through to May 9.{{more}}

Byron, a junior clerk, said that she was hopeful when she bought her MABE washing machine that she would win the US$200 that is up for grabs weekly and which would also allow her an opportunity to have her dream come true, up to the tune of EC$11,000.

“When I filled out the form, I told the Courts Customer Service representative that I hope I win, because I never won anything from Courts,” Byron said.

“So, now I have won the first part, I am looking forward to winning again, so that I can get some things. It feels pretty good. I have this happy feeling.”

Byron, who has been a Courts customer for almost 10 years, says she plans to use her first winnings to clear up an account at the store.

She said that she is happy with the Courts line of products, and has never had any issues with the items purchased, or the service she has received.

“I would encourage anyone to shop at Courts. I have never had any problems and I highly recommend them to anyone.

Three more customers have a chance to win US$200, and all persons who purchased MABE products during the campaign would be eligible for the grand prize draw.

To qualify for the draw, Courts customers must purchase any MABE product valued $999 or more, and can win the dream of their choice, from vacations, room makeovers, parties, shopping sprees, groceries, etc.