April 17, 2015
Another Vincentian author publishes book

Another locally written book is soon to be made available to the reading pubic. Retired educator Dr Westwick Abijah Williams has produced his first of many books in a series: The Modern Christian Series.

This initial work, CHRISTIANITY IN CRISIS: admonitions to the modern Christian, is aimed at encouraging Christians to study the Bible with diligence to ensure that we are better prepared for the second advent of Christ than the church of Judaism was for His first.{{more}}

The Jews, as a church, were God’s chosen people among all the nations of the world. So is Christianity today. The Pharisees were sure of their preparedness for the expected Messiah. Every educated Jew could repeat the first five books of the bible, the four Major Prophets, and all 150 Psalms verbatim. They knew their national history and God’s role in its preservation, as outlined in their Bible. Nonetheless, one of Jesus’ observations in his elevation of their unpreparedness was “Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures.” This is because their applied knowledge was selective and their generally accepted interpretations skewed.

Christianity in Crisis points to the necessity of familiarity with the Scriptures from the perspective of heaven. It shows how the 45 000 denominations comprising Christendom can become one and thus fulfill the prayer of Christ for unity among His disciples. If unity is so important to Christ, it needs to be important to us. The book is a MUST READ for every Christian.