April 14, 2015
Searchlight holds church service to start 20th anniversary celebrations

Corletha Ollivierre, chair of Interactive Media Ltd, publishers of SEARCHLIGHT, says that the company is taking a moment to pause, look back, say “thank you,” and look ahead, as the newspaper marks 20 years of service to St Vincent and the Grenadines{{more}} and the world.

Ollivierre, speaking at a church service last Sunday at the Arnos Vale Covenant Assembly, told the congregation that the organization has come a long way from its first publication on April 7, 1995, to being a dominant multi-media entity today.

This, she said, was as a result of the perseverance and dedication of its founders, shareholders, directors and staff.

The newspaper was founded by Sebastian Alexander, Adrian Fraser, Oscar Allen and Renwick Rose.

Former educator, the late Norma Keizer, was the newspaper’s first editor.

“Our mission is to educate and inform, and in the process provide the people with the news and information they need to understand the world, govern themselves effectively and improve their lives; and at the same time, we will provide a fair return to our investors and maintain a working environment that rewards productivity, teamwork and innovation,” Ollivierre said.

“We have been providing a brand and quality of journalism that is unquestionable. You might not get the salacious information that might be found elsewhere, but we uplift people and point in a direction that is upward,” she added.

Members of staff of SEARCHLIGHT, board members, shareholders and members of their families worshipped with the Assembly, as the company kicked off celebrations, which will include

a number of public and private events and activities over the upcoming year.

Ollivierre shared with the congregation the newspaper’s humble beginnings, having moved from selling only 300 of the 3,000 newspapers printed for the first edition, to owning its own building.

Ollivierre also pointed out that the company has been doing its part to improve the lives of its employees, some of who have gone on to become public figures in their own right, as well as the lives of vendors and readers.

Leading pastor at the Arnos Vale Covenant Assembly E Walford Thompson, took the opportunity to congratulate SEARCHLIGHT for its years of service to the nation, and prayed that the company would grow from strength to strength.

Last Sunday also saw the launch of the Norma Keizer Scholarship Foundation and this Friday, SEARCHLIGHT will publish a special 20th anniversary edition.