April 10, 2015
Graduates Calypso: 32 years in calypso arena in 2015

The Graduates Calypso Tent will celebrate 32 years in the calypso arena in 2015.

It has been 32 years of mixed fortunes. Several national Calypso Monarch titles were achieved in this period. CP Hall, Professor, Black Ebou, D Man Age, Sulle, Princess Monique, Tajoe are instrumental in making Graduates the most successful calypso tent in this department.{{more}}

The extempo competition was dominated by Graduates in this period also, with Lexie ruling for several years, followed in the later period by Blakie.

Several other calypso competitions have seen the tent performing very well. The Independence, Best New Song and National Exhibition competitions were all well contested by Graduates.

In spite of all these successes, though, the tent was not able to maintain its crowd appeal and successive years have seen a drastic decline in attendance to tent shows. The consequence of this is the corresponding loss of revenue. Low or no revenue meant low or no interest in the tent. As a result, the tent has struggled to attract young people to join the tent, as well as attend tent shows.

“GRADUATES CALYPSO TENT @ 32-1983-2015 ‘KEEPING THE CALYPSO FLAMES BURNING” is a rebranding effort to try and build back the tent image, crowd appeal and economic independence.

It is also an effort to put back the “bite” in calypso and get young people listening to calypso.

Graduates Calypso Tent is the oldest functioning calypso tent in St Vincent and the Grenadines and as such, should be setting an example for others to follow. “KEEPING THE CALYPSO FLAMES BURNING” is not just a rebranding slogan, but is reflected in our approach in the 2015 season, where we have already approached some young and new faces to join the tent.

The schedule for 2015 shows has been agreed to and would see Tuesday, June 2 as show no 1, which would be followed by Tuesday, June 9 as show no 2 and preliminary judging on Tuesday, June 16.

VYKINZ, a band owned, managed and led by Junior Sutherland, would provide the musical accompaniment.

The 2015 cast would be released at a later date.