April 2, 2015
24 finalists chosen for Junior Soca and Calypso Monarchs

The 24 finalists selected to battle it out for the top spots in the Junior Soca Monarch and Junior Calypso Monarch competitions have just over three months to hone their performances to perfection.{{more}}

A release from the Ministry of Education’s Media Unit stated that there will be 16 competitors for Junior Calypso and eight for Junior Soca – both of which competitions will take place on Tuesday, June 30.

The competitors in Junior Calpyso (Primary category) are as follows: Oriscia Arthur, Brighton Methodist School; Kristian Christopher, Layou Government School; Shanya Edwards, Sandy Bay Primary School; Aquille James, Greiggs Primary School; Cha-Chanie Morgan, New Prospect Primary School; Dale-Ann Nero, Sandy Bay Primary School; and Teyana Williams, Brighton Methodist School.

In the Secondary category, there will be Bevorne Baptiste, Sandy Bay Secondary; Kristiana Christopher, Thomas Saunders Secondary; Giovanni Collins, St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua; Larissa Collis, Buccament Bay Secondary; Brandon Frederick, St Vincent Grammar School; Kelisa Gonsalves, North Union Secondary; Trevicia Lavia, Sandy Bay Secondary; Brianca Matthias, Girls’ High School; and Ishanna Phillips, North Union Secondary.

Last year’s Junior Calypso Monarchs will not be defending their titles, as they have both outgrown these categories.

In the Junior Soca competition, primary and secondary students will compete against each other. The finalists selected for this segment are: Kelisa Gonsalves, North Union Secondary; Micah Horne, Buccament Bay Secondary; Larissa Collis, Buccament Bay Secondary; Sakura Lorraine, Sandy Bay Secondary; Iran Pompey, Sandy bay Secondary; Aquille James, Greiggs Primary; Giovanni Collins, St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua; and Niesha Richards, West St George Secondary.

Niesha Richards is the defending champion.

The Junior Calypso and Soca Monarch competition is held annually as part of the line-up for Vincy Mas. It is hosted by the Carnival Development Corporation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the SVG Calypsonians’ Association.