Senator declares that she is not homosexual
March 27, 2015
Senator declares that she is not homosexual

New Democratic Party (NDP) Senator Vynnette Frederick says although a large number of Vincentians think that she is homosexual, she is not.

Frederick made the pronouncement on Monday while speaking during the NDP’s “Conversation with Women” panel discussion which was held{{more}} at Democrat House in Richmond Hill.

The Senator said the NDP is aware that a conversation on issues such as transgender and same sex [relationships] needs to start here, in the region and internationally.

Frederick said that she is of the view that the international community will force the Caribbean to confront the issue of, “our attitude towards persons who are homosexual,” as she is of the opinion that funding arrangements and possible grants may soon be withheld if proper legislation is not put in place to decriminalize homosexuality.

“The Caribbean region needs to have this conversation. The international community will force this conversation because very soon, financing, the opportunity for funding, the chance for us to get grant money will be denied on the basis that our legislation does not adequately address but instead discriminates against people who are not heterosexual,” said Frederick.

She added that in her opinion, she is well placed to have this conversation, “…because… although I am not homosexual, I am defined as homosexual across SVG largely and I will say that as somebody who has had now to take up the battle of occupying a space where my sexuality is in question, I think the conversation needs to be had,” Frederick stressed.

She added that the issue is not a NDP, Unity Labour Party (ULP) or SVG thing but a regional issue that needs to be addressed.

Frederick said that comments made in 2010 suggested that she was gay.

St Vincent and the Grenadines is one of many Caribbean countries in which homosexual activity is illegal. While many Vincentians are homophobic, over the past few years, persons who share same sex relationships have been more open about their preference in public and many have been accepted.