March 20, 2015
Jobs, education, health care on Sir Louis’ agenda

Job creation, health care and education are at the top of the list as it relates to Sir Louis Straker’s plans for the constituency of Central Leeward.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, Straker, who has returned to active politics after four years in retirement, outlined plans that he has already made for the betterment of the constituency.

“Well, first and foremost for the constituency, is to find jobs for the people of the constituency, particularly for young people. I’m really looking forward to an area of high employment in the constituency with the development of the Mount Wynne, Peters Hope resort. This is a resort that is coming on stream. We are likely to sign an agreement with the company sometime in June/July,” he revealed.

According to Straker, this resort will include the construction of cabanas, villas and possibly a golf course. He noted that the building phase would generate employment for labourers and construction workers. Furthermore, Straker observed that once the resort is completed, he has no doubt that a fair share of the host of employees needed would come from the constituency.

Straker also indicated that plans were already in place for a polyclinic to be built in Buccament.

“I’m very grateful that this is being done in Central Leeward,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

“We would have what [will be] used to be a mini hospital in the constituency, where people can even go to have delivery instead of Kingstown. And of course, we have our health clinics here that we will always be providing with the necessary wherewithal to take care of primary health care in the communities.”

In addition, Straker declared that education has always been and will always be at the forefront of the current government. He noted that the administration will continue to provide access to the children of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Of course, when I went to high school, there were just about 10 people from Layou going to high school. But now just about every single child has access and of course, they are even better off than those in the United States in that they have the government which has provided them with laptop computers. My wife taught in the system in the United States and she was shocked to know that the United States wouldn’t do that for their students and we, a poor country, are able to provide laptops for primary and secondary school students,” the Central Leeward candidate said.

According to Straker, there are already several safety nets in place for the poor and marginalized.

“The aged; by having our ongoing home health care that our people can go in and look after these people who are at home and be of some help to them…and public assistance… we have improved it from 60 dollars when we took office in 2001 to $220 now. We are hoping to do these things for the community,” he said. (BK)