March 17, 2015
Gasoline price drops again

The price of gasoline in St Vincent and the Grenadines has gone down for the sixth time in as many months.

Starting from last October when gasoline was $15.28, the monthly reductions now total $4.72, making the price at the pump from yesterday, Monday, March 16, 2015, $10.56.{{more}}

The price of diesel has also been reduced for the third consecutive month. Diesel is now $10.13 per gallon, down from $11.04.

Low sulphur diesel, a new category introduced last month, has also been reduced by 98 cents and will now retail at $10.81.

The price reductions are in line with the Government’s three-month rolling average, which reflects the price paid for fuel on the regional market.

This reduction has also been reflected in the price of LPG (cooking gas) and a reduction in the fuel surcharge for electricity bills.