March 17, 2015
Garifuna Heritage Foundation hosts ‘Garifuna Village’ to celebrate National Heroes Month

“The Garifuna people used whatever was around them… and then they passed it onto us.”

Speaking of the resourcefulness of our Garifuna and Calinago ancestors, a member of the organizing committee of The Garifuna Heritage Foundation (TGHF) told SEARCHLIGHT {{more}}that the ‘Garifuna Village’ set up at Heritage Square last Friday was done in an attempt to portray how these people lived centuries ago.

Joanne Ince-Jack explained that the exhibition, which also extended into the backyard of the Carnegie Building, displayed various elements of Garifuna culture and tradition that dated back to pre and post-Columbian times.

Ince-Jack said that the Garifuna Village was designed to give the public a taste of some of the forgotten traditions of our foreparents, and to highlight the history of the Garifuna and its importance to the general Vincentian society.

The event, which was one of the numerous activities held under the International Garifuna Summit 2015 (March 8 – 15), saw a plethora of exhibitors showcasing locally made items – some made traditionally, and others with a more modern twist.

These items included food and drink, art and crafts, agricultural produce, soaps, herbal remedies and jewellery, among others.

The exhibitors included the Barrouallie Craft Centre, Abb and Ann’s Creations (Melissa Patterson), Merle’s Arts and Crafts (Merle Gellizeau), Georgetown Craft Centre, Ian ‘Tempro’ Edwards, Norris Naturals (Norris Peters), Alpha’s Designs (Alpha Cupid), Melissa’s Kreations (Melissa Ashton), Jazzy Organics (Jasmine Deane), Demba’s (Ingrid John), Merle’s Creole Seasoning (Merle Thomas), Sisi’s Product (Yvonne Lyttle), Nzimbu Arts Craft (Nzimbu Browne), Immense Bags (Dawn Bacchus), Andy Art and Craft (Andrew Homer), Mudula Propagation (Lester Billingy), Nice Impressions (Evadnee Phillips), Faith Thy’s Handmade Jewelry (Ashalyn Young), Tubbs Arts and Craft (Bartholomew Quammie), MJ Expression 79 (Marissa Edwards), La Belle’s Cuisine (Marcelle Burgin), and Angie’s Exquisite Fruit, Wine and Chips (Angie Da Silva).

Also present were the Heartbeat Resistance Drummers, who provided drum music throughout the event.