March 6, 2015
Scripts in CXC January exam sitting marked electronically

For the first time in its history, CXC used electronic marking (e-marking) to mark all the scripts submitted in an examination sitting.

All papers in the 13 subjects were e-marked by just over 600 markers in this year’s January sitting. This is to set the stage for the eventual move to full e-marking by 2017, when most of the CSEC and CAPE subjects will be e-marked.{{more}}

During the 2015 May/June sitting, 18 CSEC subjects and 12 CAPE Units will be e-marked.

“The January sitting is relatively small and CXC felt that e-marking the entire sitting would provide some good insights into what is to be expected in May/June when we would have more subjects and more e-markers,” stated Glenroy Cumberbatch, CXC Registrar.

“As we plan for the May/June sitting, we will implement the lessons learnt from this exercise and adjust our plans and strategies before we roll out e-marking to other subjects in the coming years.”