March 3, 2015
Mother suspects foul play in son’s death

Petro Hanson, mother of Devorn Hanson, whose body washed ashore in Mayreau, suspects foul play in her son’s death.

Four days after the 20-year-old’s body washed ashore at Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau on February 25, Hanson said she is still in a state of confusion and heartache.{{more}}

“Up to now, I can’t get the truth, because I’m hearing all sorts of things. Most of the things I hear people saying aren’t true. I just want to know what went on,” begged Hanson as she spoke with SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.

It was reported that the Coastguard had received initial reports on Sunday, February 22, at about 2:45 p.m. of a missing person in the Canash Bay area of Mayreau.

Reports further indicated that three men, who were on a fishing boat, attempted to swim ashore at Canash Bay, but only two made it.

According to Hanson, when the post mortem examination was completed on February 26, she said a police officer informed her that water was found in her son’s lungs and that he died as a result of drowning.

However, the Largo Heights resident said when she collected the death certificate yesterday, it stated that Devorn’s death was inconclusive.

“I can’t understand this. If they said he drowned, write on the paper that he drowned. I really can’t understand this at all.”

“My son can’t swim. I believe there is more to this story than what I am being told. I spoke with his uncle, but you will not like to hear what he told me. That is something I can’t mention in the paper,” she said.

According the 45-year-old woman, on the morning of Saturday, February 21, Devorn told her that he was going to his sister’s home.

When he did not return home later that day, she decided to make a telephone call.

“He don’t sleep out normally. When I didn’t see him come back, I called his sister and she told me that he was there, but he is not anymore,” Hanson recounted.

The mother of six said the following day, Sunday, she received a telephone call from her mother stating that Devorn went on a boat with his uncle and another man.

“She told me that the Coastguard run them down and he jump out the boat and they can’t find him,” she said.

Hanson said she then went to the Central Police Station to enquire about the matter, but was told they did not have any information.

“They made phone calls and began investigating the matter, but on the Wednesday morning, somebody phone and tell me they found a body which is Devorn,” the distraught woman said.

The grieving mother described her son as a “very good child,” who was hard-working.

“You didn’t get any bad reaction from people about my son. I will need some justice for him. I would like to know what really happened. I’m hearing he drowned and now I am hearing his death is inconclusive.”

When contacted, head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Assistant Superintendent Sydney James confirmed that the findings surrounding Hanson’s death were deemed inconclusive.

Asked whether there will be any follow-up examination done, James said, “I presume so.”(KW)