Catholic Church makes donation to Police Band
February 27, 2015
Catholic Church makes donation to Police Band

Through their connections with Miami based organization ‘Food for Poor’, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kingstown this week donated $29,000 worth of musical instruments to the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.

The donation included two trombones, eight trumpets, four saxophones, one marching drum and one bass drum.{{more}}

Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, speaking at the handing over ceremony on Tuesday, thanked the church for its donation.

“In my view, I see the church and the police force doing somewhat the same thing, because being a part of the police force, we work under the law of the land and try to save people’s lives from criminals, while the church, they work under a bigger law that is higher than the land and they save people’s lives and souls from damnation. So, all in all, we somewhat do the same thing and it’s great when the church and the police can have partnerships together on such occasions like this,” Charles said.

The Commissioner also implored the band members to take care of their instruments, as they are not cheap.

Monsignor Michael Stewart of the Catholic Diocese expressed similar sentiments and added that music makes a positive impact on those who are able to play.

“I have come to realize that the police force band is very much involved in the society. I want to encourage you officers to continue to do your best and just as you perfect your playing of instruments, so too must you perfect your life as good officers of the police force and so encourage other young men and women to be a part of your commune,” he said.

As a former bandmaster, Assistant Commissioner of Police Carlos Sampson spoke about the challenges that have been encountered over the years to acquire musical instruments. However, the current supervisor of the band is confident that these new instruments will go a long way in moulding “the young minds that come through the police band room every year” during their summer programme.

The Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force Band was started in 1951 and will celebrate its 64th anniversary in June this year. (BK)