February 24, 2015
UWI Open Campus to host country conference

The local University of the West Indies Open Campus will, from March 11 to 12, host a country conference under the theme “Promoting a culture of safety, building resilience to disasters and stimulating sustainable development.”{{more}}

The conference will take place over a two-day period at the National Insurance Services conference room, located on Upper Bay Street.

Presentations will be made by persons in the field of disaster risk management including director of the Seismic Unit at UWI St Augustine in Trinidad Dr Richard Robertson.

Head of the University of the West Indies Open Campus St Vincent and the Grenadines Deborah Dalrymple, speaking about the conference, said that UWI decided to hold the event in efforts to promote a culture of safety, as we live in a disaster prone country that has recently been ravaged by floods, landslides and other natural disasters. She added that the existence of a volcano also puts us at risk.

The presentations will be aimed at instilling a sense of safety in persons and mitigating disasters. The conference will see about 14 presenters and will also have an exhibition aspect.

The UWI is inviting students and teachers to be a part of the discussions while the conference fee is $EC135 or US$50.