Insurance sales agent resigns over missing $20
February 24, 2015

Insurance sales agent resigns over missing $20

An incident surrounding $20 which went missing at his place of employment, over three months ago, has caused an insurance sales agent to resign from his job.

Herlon Phillips, who had been employed at Demerara Mutual since November 2013, visited SEARCHLIGHT last Friday and declared that he had resigned on a matter{{more}} of principle.

He presented his resignation letter, which highlighted the main reasons behind his decision. According to the letter, Phillips and other employees were summoned to an emergency meeting on November 4, 2014, where the matter of $20, which an employee claimed had gone missing, was the topic of discussion.

“Upon close examination of the incident…, in my opinion should not have happened. I felt violated, as if I were a suspect. I am professional and it is grossly unfair for management to act with premeditation and convened (sic) such a meeting rather than allowing common sense to prevail. It matters not; I am still traumatized with this unresolved issue. It has affected my production to date…. Three months have elapsed and I am yet to receive a receipt of an apology from the company for being a suspect,” the letter said.

Three months after the meeting, the former sales agent has declared that he is still traumatized by the incident and feels like the matter was dealt with incorrectly.

“Everybody was a suspect and I didn’t like that. We’re working there all the time. Sometimes you could miscalculate. Sometimes you think you have $10, but you done spend it or you misplace it,” he said.

“Because it’s internal, when you have situations like that, and it happens at a professional level, and you did your investigations, you have to come back to the people and apologize.”

While he was not singled out as the culprit, Phillips stated that employees should not be treated in that manner.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that approximately 30 persons were called to the meeting.

“I am saying that I can’t be in a place like that where something like that happens. You have to think when you working at a professional level…you know the kind of people you working with.”

Demerara Mutual has confirmed that Phillips resigned from his post on February 20, 2015. (BK)