GHS student wins first Local History Figure Contest
February 24, 2015
GHS student wins first Local History Figure Contest

Girls’ High School (GHS) student Cedeira Bonadie is both shocked and happy about winning the first ever Ministry of Education’s “Local History Figure Contest.”

Bonadie, who is a fourth form student, amassed the most points during the competition, which was dubbed “Portraits” and held at the Peace Memorial {{more}}Hall at Richmond Hill on February 19.

“I am happy I won because I worked really hard,” said Bonadie, who presented a piece on the late veterinarian and archaeologist Dr Earle Kirby.

Bonadie thanked several persons, including her history teacher Jovorne Shallow, for assisting with preparation of her piece. She said that it was her first time ever competing in a competition and she is proud to have won.

The competition, which had participation from eight schools, saw a tie for second place, thereby eliminating the third place spot.

Coming in second were Ralycia Andrews of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School and Srekresna Small of the George Stephens Senior Secondary School.

Andrews said that she was happy about her placement and that she enjoyed representing her school. The fourth form science student did a presentation on Thomas Saunders.

“I picked it because I wanted to know more about the person the school I attend was named after. I love history and I think they should do the competition annually,” said Andrews. Small, of the George Stephens Senior Secondary School, said that she thinks that “I could have gotten first place.”

She added, “I’m not satisfied, because I worked extremely hard for first place and I got second, but I am still excited.”

She did her presentation on Erica McIntosh.

“I think Miss McIntosh is unique and she stands out,” said Small.

The other students that took part are Lennese Hepburn of the Buccament Bay Secondary School. Her presentation was on Milton Cato. The Troumaca Ontario Secondary School was represented by Delano Alexander, who did a piece on Alpian Allen. The Petit Bordel Secondary School was represented by Vashieka John, who presented on ET Joshua. The Adelphi Secondary School was presented by Kiara Shotte who recognized Captain Hugh Mulzac, while the Georgetown Secondary School was represented by Britney Medica, who spoke about Jestina Charles.

Education officer responsible for Media Marla Nanton said that the competition was held in an effort to recognize outstanding Vincentians.

The competition was open to secondary school students in form four and form three who do History and Social Studies. They were asked to research, identify and present sound arguments to distinguish a local person as a national icon. Icons could have been drawn from any historical era and from any facet of society. The students were encouraged to incorporate technology, as well as the various strands of the performing arts into their presentations.

Students’ proposals included basic background information on the icons, such as greatest accomplishments, lasting legacy and impact on the course of our history.

The competition also saw a pop quiz segment which was won by the George Stephens Secondary School. In this segment, photos were shown and students were asked to name the persons in the photos.

The event was sponsored by Gaymes Book Store.

Among those present at the competition were senior education officer (Secondary Schools) Asfo Stephens, Dennis Gaymes of Gaymes Book Store, Charlie Hallac of Nelson Thornes and Oxford University Press and David ‘Darkie’ Williams.

Two of the persons that presentations were done on, Jestina Charles and Alpian Allen, were also present at the event.

Chief judge and historian Dr Adrian Fraser said that deciding a winner was very hard, because all the students had done well. He, however, noted that a number of the theatrical performances did not fit the presentations.

“…but overall, in terms of context, we thought it was quite good,” said Dr Fraser.