February 20, 2015
Digicel encourages Vincentians to take advantage of data services

Marketing Executive at Digicel Danielle Cupid says that Digicel has recognized the growing importance of data services and a solid data network to facilitate the growing desire for data, as opposed to voice traffic.{{more}}

As a result, Digicel has continued to massively invest in upgrading their network.

Cupid made the point last Monday February 16, during the launch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ essay competition at the Financial Complex.

Said Cupid, “At Digicel we provide the tools for persons to access the Internet from where ever they are, giving them broadband speed in the palms of their hands through our 4G services. We are encouraging young people not just to be seeking to find other peoples’ information, but to become creators of information with the facts that are unique to us as Vincentians and Caribbean people, and then to share them with the rest of the world.”

She added that while we might not be able to build a motorcar in St Vincent and the Grenadines, we have the brain power to produce information for the world to consume and we have the tools in our hands to deliver it.