Government, NOBA reach ‘road’ agreement – strike called off
February 17, 2015

Government, NOBA reach ‘road’ agreement – strike called off

Members of the National Omnibus Association (NOBA) who operate in the Gomea/Belair area have decided not to withdraw their services for now.

This follows an agreement which was reached between NOBA and the Government.

During a meeting held on Sunday, which was attended {{more}}by residents of the area, van drivers and Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Works Julian Francis, it was agreed that the much needed repairs to the roads will commence tomorrow, Wednesday.

President of NOBA Anthony ‘Code Red’ Bacchus, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, said coming out of the meeting on Sunday, Francis assured them that the matter will be addressed soonest.

“Due to the fact that Mr Francis came and clarified everything and stated that they will start working on the roads on Wednesday, we withdrew the strike until we see some action is taken,” Bacchus told SEARCHLIGHT.

“If we don’t see anything happen by Wednesday, we will be having another meeting on Wednesday night at 8 and we will withdraw the service on Thursday.”

Bacchus said he is pleased with the outcome of the meeting and glad that Francis accommodated the residents and drivers.

“I am satisfied with that. I have to give them the benefit of the doubt and be patient and allow them a couple of days to let them prepare to work on the roads,” Bacchus added.

If road works do not commence on Wednesday, the meeting will be held in Belair, opposite the primary school.

When contacted, Francis said the Government has a programme in place to patch holes, which includes West St George.

“I needed two days to mobilize, so we will start patching on Wednesday,” he said.

Preliminary work in preparation for the patching of the roads, however, began yesterday, Monday, Francis said.

“We had an agreement that they will withhold their service on Thursday if nothing happens on Wednesday,” Francis said.

The Minister, however, declined to say how much the road repairs will cost. (KW)