February 13, 2015
Brighton Methodist School commences Literacy Week of Activities

The Brighton Methodist School is celebrating a month of literacy.

The theme for the celebration, which began on February 9, and ends on March 6, is “Celebrating Literacy through Academics and Creativity.”{{more}}

A release from the school said students will be given numerous opportunities to show off their academic excellence and creativity in Literacy, Numeracy and Science.

The week from February 9 to 13 was celebrated as Reading Week, in which the focus was on developing strategic readers and providing students with opportunities for reading.

Next week will be Numeracy Week in which mathematical literacy will be explored. Teachers and pupils will also look at integrating mathematics into the the curriculum. There will be a math competiton, games and other activities.

February 23 to 27 is Science Week. During that week, a science fair, in which pupils will be allowed to develop scientific projects, will be held. There will also be a science quiz competition.

Week 4, which runs from March 2 to 5 is Writing Week. On Thursday, March 5, the ‘Hats Off to Literacy’ competition begins, which will be followed by a Literacy Extravaganza on Friday, March 6.

Pupils will present their special pieces in a whole school activity. Prizes would be awarded to the best writers, readers, best hat etc. There would be reader theatre, Story theatre, Authors’ chair, Storytelling, Drama, Dance, Song competition, Slogan competition, among others.

The focus will be on encouraging integration in the school’s curriculum to develop strategic learners in a child-friendly environment. There will be internal assessment of classrooms, as well as external judging to arrive at the best classroom. Classes will also be assessed to see which class besides Grade 6 is CPEA ready.

Parents and well-wishers of the school are invited to celebrate with the school and support them in the advancement of education in the Diamond Community, Brighton and other villages.