Farmers Support Company now buying bananas from farmers
February 6, 2015
Farmers Support Company now buying bananas from farmers

As part of efforts to assist the Ministry of Agriculture in administering the buying and selling of bananas, the Farmers Support Company (FSC) is presently buying bananas at $18 per box.

FSC manager Charlene Garrick disclosed that many farmers are not aware of the initiative and is therefore encouraging those individuals to take full advantage of the opportunity to sell their produce through the company.{{more}}

“I know some farmers would remember that this was done in the days of selling bananas for the Fair Trade, so this is something sort of like that, that we are bringing back…”

Garrick also revealed that there has been increase in the level of production of banana farmers.

She said after visiting both the Leeward and Windward sides of the St Vincent, they are “seeing that banana is really coming back.”

Garrick disclosed that every week of shipment, the number of pallets is increasing.

“I know that the traffickers and the farmers would have mentioned how grateful they are for the services that we are providing to them in terms of buying and selling the bananas,” she said.

The Farmers Support Company manager said “if you are into banana production and need a market for your bananas, the FSC is here to assist you.”